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Welcome to Drawing with Shapes - Your how to draw website

This site is for anyone who wishes to learn to draw. When you want to learn how to draw anything, from the simplest picture to the most complex, shapes are used. The drawing lessons on this site are different than most step by step learn to draw websites.Every lesson on this site will use easy to draw shapes - circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and cylinders. By using these shapes, it makes drawing more fun and less frustrating.

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Learn to draw a Cowboy

learn to draw a cowboy step 1 
 Start by drawing two circles. Draw one circle for the head and a larger circle for the body.
 learn to draw a cowboy step 2 
Draw the eyes and nose. 
learn to draw a cowboy step 3 

Draw the ear and sideburns. Also, draw a large mustache and the mouth.
 learn to draw a cowboy step 4 
Draw the shirt collars. bolo tie  a line down the front and finish with the belt.
learn to draw a cowboy step 5 
Use simple cylinders and rectangles to draw the arms and hands. 
learn to draw a cowboy step 6 
Draw the legs and boots. Draw little stars on the heels for spurs. 
learn to draw a cowboy step 7 
We can't forget to draw the cowboy hat. 
learn to draw a cowboy step 8 
Erase all the unwanted lines and the drawing is finished!

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